Kitsune, or fox folk, are vulpine shapeshifters known for their love of both trickery and art. Kitsune possess two forms: that of an attractive human of slender build with salient eyes, and their true form of an anthropomorphic fox. Despite an irrepressible penchant for deception, Kitsune prize loyalty and make true companions. They delight in the arts, particularly riddles and storytelling, and settle in ancestral clans, taking their wisdom from both the living and spirits.

A kitsune has two forms—a single human form and its true form, that of a humanoid fox. In their human forms, kitsune tend toward quickness and lithe beauty. In all forms they possess golden, amber, or brilliant blue eyes. In their true forms, they are covered with a downy coat of auburn fur, although more exotic coloration is possible.

Kitsune Traits

Ability Score Increase:
+2 Dex
+1 Cha

Age: Kitsunes mature quickly and considered to be adults by the age of 15.

Alignment: Kitsune tend to be neutral, or of alignments with a neutral component.

Size: Medium

Speed: Base walking speed is 30ft.

Agile: You have advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks.

Change Shape: A kitsune can assume the appearance of a specific single human form of the same sex. The kitsune always takes this specific form when she uses this ability. A kitsune in human form cannot use her bite attack, but gains advantage on Charisma (Deception) checks made to appear human. Changing shape is an action, and the kitsune does not adjust its ability scores and can remain in this form indefinitely.

Innate Spell casting: You grow an extra tail that represents your growing magical powers. You gain a new spell-like ability, each usable twice per day, from the following list, in order of the characters level:

disguise self – 3rd charm person – 5th misdirection – 7th invisibility – 9th suggestion – 11th displacement – 13th confusion – 15th dominate person – 17th

Natural Weapons: In her natural form, a Kitsune has a bite attack that deals 1d4 points of damage.

Languages: You begin play speaking Common and Sylvan.


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