Kingmaker: Stolen Lands

Hunt for fang


In the first hex I3 we found nothing in mapping the first swamp hex.
In the second hex we did find a vein of gold in a hidden crack in the ground that led to an underground cave.
In the third hex we found some combat.. As some bandits had set up a trap with an abandoned broken down cart
The bard shattered a group of them as we approached them shooting at us. This was a bandit camp and the druid took as spider form and ate the tree dwellers and Brock finished the leader.
Found a case of green liqueur an amulet of the skull of a stag embossed, three hand axes and two daggers, 321 sp. 90 GP. Case of ammunition. 3 crates of furs and hides.
Found a journal that stated the goblins took ring to a lair under sycamore tree several miles away…



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