Kingmaker: Stolen Lands

Hunt for fang

In the first hex I3 we found nothing in mapping the first swamp hex.
In the second hex we did find a vein of gold in a hidden crack in the ground that led to an underground cave.
In the third hex we found some combat.. As some bandits had set up a trap with an abandoned broken down cart
The bard shattered a group of them as we approached them shooting at us. This was a bandit camp and the druid took as spider form and ate the tree dwellers and Brock finished the leader.
Found a case of green liqueur an amulet of the skull of a stag embossed, three hand axes and two daggers, 321 sp. 90 GP. Case of ammunition. 3 crates of furs and hides.
Found a journal that stated the goblins took ring to a lair under sycamore tree several miles away…

Hunt for fangberries

So found a rickety bridge and went down further and found a ford. Continued up to bog. Ran into a hunter Sayjen who told us of bandits to the south. Went into fen and found Fangberries but were protected by spiders and nasty thorns (hence fangberries)
We beat a blight and a small spider swarm and got the berries. Returned to the alchemist. Took the anti lycanthrope potion and puked. Returned to the outpost.
There was someone patrolling the wall of the outpost. And the outpost was wide open.
Seems the guards have finally arrived. Got our goods dropped off stuff. Our goals have changed to also ridding area of harmful creatures and bandits. Two side quests of get Olaf wedding ring and fond Philgrim who stole the payroll and left the regiment. Alive worth 4 high quality weapons dead only 2.
Decided to re start mapping in three hexes that Olaf thought the bandits may be.


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